Kent Lester Kicks Off Campaign With Full Momentum

Friday, July 7, 2017

Via Press Release

Cedar Park TX – Kent Lester, a retired Army Lt. Colonel and retired educator, formally launched his campaign to become the next US House Representative from Texas’ 31st Congressional District with a campaign kickoff rallies in Belton and North Austin on Wednesday, July 5th, and Thursday, July 6th, respectively.

“Kent is the common-sense vote.  He wants to focus on what makes us all Americans.” Said supporter and former Belton ISD teacher Meg Pitrucha on Thursday. Lester was introduced at both events by Bobby Brooks, the first openly-gay Student Body President of Texas A&M University and recent target of political attacks by US Energy Secretary and former Governor of Texas Rick Perry.

“…although we do have a few people in Congress that do pass very horrible laws and do not care about the common people, the average Texan is a good, hard-working person who is ready to make this State better for all others who share it. Texas is a state that is for everyone…and that is a belief that Kent Lester holds dear and will hold dear until the end of time…” Brooks said of Lester on Thursday.

Both events, hosted at the Dead Fish Grill in Belton, and Mesa Rosa Café in Austin, had a total attendance of almost 150 people, with Lester’s Belton event being the largest single gathering for a local Democratic candidate in Bell County for several cycles.