Freethought Equality Fund PAC

"Lester is a West Point graduate who served 20 years in the Army. Following his military service he became a high school teacher and just recently retired from this career. In his classes he taught his students 'how to think, not what to think.' Following the 2016 election, his former students encouraged Lester to run for Congress. Lester’s goal is to 'bring the Old-School American Values we believe in back to Capitol Hill. Respect for all, not prejudice against a few. Service to the nation, not shirking one’s duties. Integrity, not double-talk.'”

Laura Allen

Immediate Past President, Texas Democratic Women

"As a retired Army veteran and a retired educator, I believe Kent Lester is highly qualified to represent District 31 in the US House of Representatives. I am proud to endorse him for Congress."

Bobby Brooks

Student Government President, Texas A&M University & Fmr. Student of Kent

"I'm glad to be helping someone who actually cares about the people they'd be serving, never mind that I consider [Kent] a mentor."

Nick Page

Small Business Owner

"After meeting Kent, I feel he has a grasp on real world issues, skills training, and workforce shortage problems in the Texas Construction Industry. Mr. Carter has NEVER come to my community and met the people."

Helen Pickle

Retired Teacher

"Kent Lester is one of the finest men I know! He is more than capable of serving in Congress and has been a good solid Democrat for many years."

Maribel Laureno

"He conocido a Kent Lester y su familia por muchos años y él es exactamente el representante que necesitamos para el Congreso en Washington para el Partido Demócrata.  Kent es práctico y realista que se interesa por las necesidades de la comunidad y le gusta ayudar a la gente.  Ha servido en el Servicio Militar, Maestro de Escuela Superior y siempre a sido partidiario de la Educación Pública.
Kent es un creyente de que todos debemos tener las coverturas básica en cuanto los planes médicos en éste pais. Kent intiende que debemos seguir trabajando duro para seguir un camino firme para lograr que los immigrantes tengan la ciudadania y al mismo tiempo restorar la confianza en nuestro govierno.
Yo apruebo a Kent Lester para el Congreso dentro del Partido Demócrata."

I have known Kent Lester and his family for many years and he is exactly who we need representing us in Congress in Washington.  Kent is a down to earth man who is active and cares about the local community and helping people.  He served in the military and as a high school teacher and is big supporter of public education and jobs training for all. 
Kent also believes that everyone deserves basic health care as a minimum and is in favor of Medicare for all in this country.  He understands the need for a pathway to citizenship to reward hard working immigrants and want to restore faith in our government.
It is my pleasure to strongly endorse Kent Lester, from the Democratic Party, for Congress.