We are on a race to the bottom. High school dropout rates are regressing rather than progressing. Teacher retention is falling behind and college readiness is slipping. As a former public school teacher, Kent Lester knows that a robust public school system is the pathway to success for our fellow citizens and our country. Ensuring that every person, regardless of circumstance, attends quality, affordable public schools is the cornerstone of our platform. Having this foundation greatly increases a person’s ability to lead secure, productive lives and helps us all end the school-to-prison pipeline and bring this country to its fullest potential. As your representative, Kent will:

  • Defend against School Vouchers. Vouchers have a negative effect on the funding for our already underfunded schools, while propping up charter schools with dubious accreditation and educational standards. Public money should fund public schools.

  • Serve as a Watchdog against school discrimination. Over 60 years after Brown v Board of Education, we are still dealing with disparities in education based on race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and disability. These disparities fuel the social problems that have created the school to prison pipeline that has done nothing but fail our young people. Kent will advocate for disadvantaged school districts and support federal funding to achieve equity in our nation’s schools.

  • Work to expand and diversify public education. We can not keep supporting one-size-fits-all educational models. Kent will introduce legislation that will incentivize states and school districts to implement and sustain real-world technological and vocational education. We must end the harmful rhetoric that a college degree is the only path to success in this world. If we weren’t pushing every student to attend a four-year university, we wouldn’t have near the college dropout rates and massive student debt that we have in this country.

The good news is that it's not too late to change course. With the proper priorities, American public schools can be a positive example for a changing world. Kent Lester is stepping up to help lead the way to a brighter future for America’s children that starts in the classroom. As Americans, we will leave no one behind.