We Need Smart Immigration Reform

Since our founding, America has been a nation of immigrants built upon a promise of Freedom that has drawn countless millions to our shores. That’s why I believe that Congress should work in a manner that builds upon the heritage of our nation and supports the development of the all Americans in their pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness. I believe that building bridges—not walls—is the way forward for developing the American economy. That’s why I will work for comprehensive immigration reform in Congress: 

  • Formalize Protections for DREAMers. After President Trump’s decision to end President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, it is imperative for Congress to make DACA provisions a part of federal law. There are 217,000 DACA-eligible recipients in Texas, of which over 2,000 call District 31 home. Once in Congress, I will work to formalize protections for DREAMers that contribute to our community and our economy.

  • Support Border Security, but Oppose Spending on a Border Wall. Congressional Republicans led by John Carter support dumping more than $8 billion from the federal budget into President Trump’s plan for a border wall. Funding this invasive and expensive project will draw resources from other much-needed parts of the federal budget—including disaster relief funds and funding for federal agencies such as the Transport Security Administration and even the United States Coast Guard. I will instead focus on supporting funding for enhanced border security measures that include hiring more border patrol agents, strengthening the capabilities of local agencies to enforce immigration laws, and supporting bilateral border enforcement agreements with Mexico to strengthen cross-border law enforcement ties.

  • Streamline and Modernize Guest Worker Programs. In Congress, I will work to end the abuse of federal guest worker programs—such as H-1B and H-4 visas—by supporting legislation that prevents corporations from using them to import cheaper labor to avoid hiring American workers. Guest worker visas exist to allow talented workers the opportunity to engage in the world’s strongest economy, not as a tool for major corporations to drive down labor costs by hiring cheaper labor from abroad.

I believe in a Path to Citizenship and a maintenance of the economy and freedom of opportunity that draws new Americans into our society. As Americans, we leave no one behind, that’s why I will make working towards comprehensive immigration reform a priority in Washington.