“Throughout my life, I have constantly worked to serve the people of our country and our community. I joined the military at West Point, and after graduating, proudly served in the US Army for 20 years. I reached the rank of Lt. Colonel as a member of the Army’s Quartermaster Corps and have experiences serving on Ft. Hood, in Europe, and in Panama. I have since dedicated my post-military career to building up the future of our communities at home, by working as a public educator for almost 10 years.
My wife Brigid and I have been proud to call Central Texas home ever since we left the Service together. We fell in love with this community and have since seen five children off through our school systems. Brigid and I have taken an active role in the greater community. We are strong supporters of the Austin Children's Shelter and the Austin SAFE alliance. We serve on the Developmental Council, The Women of Hope, the Illuminate Austin Committee, and the Belton Educational Enrichment Foundation.
I am passionate about Central Texas. District 31 is a vital area that captures all that is good about Texas and our country. We live here and are a community. We connect with our businesses, schools, stores, events, churches, neighborhood organizations, kids, sporting activities, law enforcement, and many other things.  We acknowledge the needs that serve the greater good of our society: supporting affordable health care, reducing income inequality, and ensuring our tax dollars are intelligently appropriated.
I want to ensure that our children live in a world guided by sensible public policy that leaves no one behind. Our District deserves a voice that will bring that to you, and that’s why I’m running for Congress.”


"As a retired Army veteran and a retired educator, I believe Kent Lester is highly qualified to represent District 31 in the US House of Representaives. I am proud to endorse him for Congress."

-Laura Allen,

Immediate Past President, Texas Democratic Women

"Kent is a common sense Democrat and he seriously wants to bring more attention to District 31."

-Helen Pickle,

Retired US Gov't. Teacher, Belton High School

Former Co-Worker of Kent Lester

Bobby Brooks

"I'm glad to be helping someone who actually cares about the people they'd be serving, nevermind that I consider [Kent] a mentor."

-Bobby Brooks,

Student Government President, Texas A&M University

Former Student of Kent Lester